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Work/Alma mater/Activities
Work | Ministry of finance | Junior Assistant

I work as Junior Assistant in Accounts and Treasuries Department(Ministrty of Finance).

Currently I am posted in Additional Treasury, Tankipora Srinagar, dealing with National Pension System (NPS), Payment Release and Income Tax.

Work | Microsoft Student Partners

I work with Microsoft as a student partner(MSP). Microsoft Student Partners have early touch with upcoming technolgies.

We develop windows and windows phone apps. We even add some flavor to sharepoint app development, Azure app development, app deveplopment for Microsoft Hololens

Internet of Things(IoT) is our new direction.

Union Church
Master of Computer Applications | University of Kashmir

I have completed Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) course and I am now pursuing Master of Computer Applications(MCA) through University of Kashmir, Hazratbal Srinagar-190006

As an MCA graduate, a person possesses excellent computer skills and the ability yo develop and create computer applications, understand utilize various computer languages as well as provide maintainence and repair to different types of applications among others. With these technical skills, a person would surely find employment in the following positions.

a. Software Engineering

b. Software Developer/Programmer

c. Project Manager

d. Web application developer

e. Computer Application Consusltant

f. Networking Associate

g. Electronics and Communication Associate

P&R Paper

My favourite hobby is singing and dancing.

I like listening to music.

While listening to hard-rock, I can get everything of my chest.

In summer, I like to go for swimming but I don't know how to swim ;)

One of my hobbies is writing articles for local daillies.

When the weather is bad, I like to watch movies mostly based on science-fiction.