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Danish Mehraj

A perfectly tailored guy for everything


I am accustomed to follow an agile development process when working with teams. I work in tandem with Product Owners, Designers, UX, backend development, and QA. Flowing communication between myself and other members of the team allows me to work efficiently while avoiding needless backtracking which could bottleneck the process.


I start all my logo art on a sketchpad, and develop site wireframes either on a sketchpad or Photoshop. When working on my own, to keep the design direction of the project in focus I'll create a style guide for all the elements the site could potentially display. Icon, logo, and other graphical art is created in Illustrator, while Sublime Text, Photoshop and Chrome Dev Tools are used to begin fleshing out the site layout once all functionality is in place.


Visual Studio is my editor of choice for creating apps, websites and working on projects. Xamarin has bridged my app development cross-platform gap. If I'm building an application, .NET has become my framework of choice. For websites, Yeoman has recently become a great scaffolding tool that I use to structure my projects, and GruntJS is used for Javascript tasking such as optimizing and combining CSS files.