About Me

Who I am?

Myself Danish Mehraj pursuing Master of Computer Applications. I am a tech savvy who likes to contribute the world in terms of technology. App developers have genius and deep logical minds, so I develop apps for Windows, android and other platforms. Apart from this, I like to listen to music. I have also many interests like dancing, singing, speaking on-to-many, online gaming and remote sensing games like playing games on Xbox 360 with Kinect. Moreover I want to develop 3D interactive games so that kids enjoy well. Most interesting thing, I want to create a female digital personal assistant for myself as in Iron-Man there is a J.A.R.V.I.S, which will assist me in my every activity accordingly by giving real life voice commands. When my digital personal assistant will be ready I would love to name her 'Intefem'. Please little bit more...I will need to try to think of positive things about people instead of thinking negative. Maybe thinking about their background or their life situation, and realize how good my own situation is. I have to also realize that these people a part of God's family. God created them because he wanted to. I have no right to judge others as I will be judged someday by a Higher Power. So, I know I won't be perfect, but from now on I would really like to try to be nicer to people both in my words and my thoughts. All of these people who I do not know personally have wonderful and beautiful things to say to me, based on things that I have said and published in my hubs. This is what has made me decide to become a better person.

My Skills
HTML5 CSS3 jQuery Javascript PHP SASS GruntJS AngularJS Yeoman Git Ruby eCommerce Wordpress Bootstrap Foundation ExpressionEngine Photoshop Illustrator Joomla Volusion
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